Friday, January 21, 2011

Soundtrack artist: Jeremy

The central premise of Inventory is that there will be consequences if the furniture isn't counted with 100% accuracy in the allotted time.

Whether it's the countdown to the 6:00PM reckoning or one clerk's obsession with 4:20, the concept of time hovers over the story... and over several songs in the soundtrack.

There are a few people you simply have to meet on the road to powerpop, and one of them is Jeremy Morris.

His label, JAM Records, is the source for three songs in our soundtrack: "Watch the Movie" by Lolas," "You (and Everything You Do)" by The Tor Guides, and his own composition and recording, "Time Is Running Out."

He records as "Jeremy," often with glistening, Byrdsian 12-string guitar. And he's one of the sweetest, most affirmative folks you're likely to encounter.

Jeremy's good-natured spirit is on full display in a song that's a gentle nudge to value the time we have, a definite counterpoint to the slacker gestalt of Inventory's furniture-store clerks.

He explains the theme of "Time Is Running Out":
When I wrote this song I was thinking about how life is a "gift "

It's absolutely free!!!

"Here comes yet another day, it's a gift you needn't pay..."

And I was thinking how our society is always trying to charge money for everything.

"Bottled Water" is a good example...

What next? ..."Bottled air"? ..."Bottled sunshine"? ..."Bottled happiness"???

So the point is that this gift of life and the time we have on earth is truly a "limited edition."

Let's not waste it. The best things in life really are free!

"Time is running out, Time is running out... time to find what life is all about!"

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