Friday, January 21, 2011

Lea DeGloria as "Tarot Woman"

I met Lea Marie at a south-of-Boston event called Filmmaker's Shindig, hosted by local actors Chuck Slavin and Jenna Lunarno.

Lea runs a popular local cable show where she reads fortunes, and she has a presence that's simultaneously imposing and disarmingly down-to-earth.

When a store is closed for inventory, customers inevitably come knocking on the door. Clerks either ignore them or brusquely turn them away.

Whether it's her charm, her story of "a furniture emergency," or the promise of otherworldly insight about his romantic quest, lonely clerk Percy can't resist letting "Tarot Woman" into the furniture store.

Lea comments on her first collaboration with Castparty Productions:
I was thrilled to be involved with this project. Fortune telling is my profession, so naturally I would play the tarot card reader.

I enjoyed bringing that mystical element, and Justin was so creative in the way he weaved it into the storyline. I had never worked with him before and didn't know what to expect from the cast and crew. I remember everyone being super-talented and super-professional and very funny.

More info at and Facebook.

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