Thursday, January 20, 2011

Matt Carbo as "John Panda"

Kurt Vonnegut warned against "missing Iago," that is, failing to establish a formidable antagonist.

Matt Carbo's comic ominousness as unglued furniture-store owner John Panda ensures there's no Iago shortage in Inventory.

After I first saw Matt do scenes in an improv class many years back, I couldn't stop bubbling about him to everyone associated with Castparty Productions. He just killed me every time, especially when embodying glowering characters in the John Belushi mold.

Among his most memorable turns in a Castparty film is his world-weary chef in our apocalyptic short, Human File #752. Matt is, in fact, a superb chef, so having him cook on-camera means a feast once you wrap.

Matt on his goals as an actor, and why he looks forward to Inventory finding an audience:
I have worked with Castparty Productions for almost a decade. The reason why I love to work with them, is the common belief we all share about entertainment.

Entertainment is something that is only rewarding when the audience is reached. Yes, the process of making a movie can be a lot of fun if you get along with the cast and crew (which for Inventory we all did, and it was great).

But the real reward is when showing an audience member the film, then listening to their reaction of laughter and joy. This is the true reward for the actor, director and crew.

Whether it's a film fest or just showing someone a Youtube clip, I always get this great feeling of accomplishment when I know that it was us that brought joy to someone.

Now, I may never get a chance to meet all of the people who have viewed our movies but I know I reached them using the vehicle of video production.

We all have trouble in our lives, and if a short film or feature can help us forget (even if for just a short time) our trouble, then I say it's a job well done.

So, enjoy this movie. we enjoyed making it, and we ultimately didn't do it for us, we did it for you, the audience.

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