Tuesday, August 2, 2011

MoldyBreadInc blog praises "Inventory"

Pop-culture blogger Frank Kemp of MoldyBreadInc.com reviews Inventory, and gives it an "A."
[Inventory] is one of the very few indie films that I really enjoyed. Watching this film reminded me of my first viewing of Clerks.

I highly recommend this film to anyone that is a fan of the slacker film genre. The film's title also doubles great as the characters also take care of their own personal inventory. It's one of those films where I wish myself could have been a part of. As I am writing this review I am watching the special features that were included on the DVD and they clearly show the great atmosphere the cast and crew had together making this film and that transcends into the film itself. Justin Fielding and the cast have a great future ahead of them.


  1. Is it kind of like the movie office space? Or the show The Office or Outsourced? :)
    -Jackie @ Inventory Software

  2. Hi, Jackie!

    It's a little like those, but probably more like a Kevin Smith movie ("Clerks," etc.), with super unmotivated slackers.